/7 essential tips for choosing a WordPress theme and template

7 essential tips for choosing a WordPress theme and template

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Choosing a WordPress theme when you are building a WordPress hosting website can be tricky. Not because of a scarcity of themes but because finding a theme or a template that fits your business is challenging. So, what is it that goes into selecting a great WordPress theme? What parameters should one take into account?

This article is an extensive guideline that will answer such queries. So, without further delay let’s take a look at some key pointers that should go into your research while choosing a WordPress theme or template.

  1. Aesthetically sound

Users decide whether they want to do business with you or not in the first thirty seconds of scrolling through your webpage. A good looking website is like giving your customers a peek into what your product or service can offer them. Which is why ensuring that your website has a clean layout, great colour combination and splendid typography is extremely important. When all these elements come together on a canvas that your website is, no person has the audacity to take their eyes off it. While narrowing down on the theme you choose, make sure that the entire website maintains consistency of its theme with blogs, posts etc.


  1. Relevant to the business / industry

We might have started off with the ‘looks should be better than the engine’ argument but hold your horses. We feel that aligning your theme with your category of business is a must. There is no compromise here because if a user can’t make out what business you are into, how will he or she be intrigued enough to go through the rest of your website? Make sure you sync your theme to your industry.

  1. Compatible with the browser

You don’t know what your users prefer when it comes to browsing through websites. Some prefer Chrome, some prefer Internet Explorer, or Firefox or even Safari for that matter. Make sure before you launch your WordPress website, you have made your website compatible with every browser under the sun.

  1. Ensures protection to the website

In order to select a good WordPress theme, ensure that the theme supports security. A sound way to develop a safety mindset would be to avoid trusting user input or any third party APIs. Or even any kind of data inside your database without verifying it. Instead, make sure that you trust the functions provided by WordPress. One more way ensuring you choose a safe theme or template is by going through reviews to gauge how safe that theme is.

  1. Allows plugin integration

Getting a WordPress theme for the website is one part. But extending its functionality is an equally important aspect. Some concerns of a website like seo, social media, page load time etc. are universal in nature. In order to reduce a good amount of workload, WordPress allows for installing plugins and extensions. While choosing your WordPress theme, make sure what plugins are allowed for those themes keeping your requirements in mind. Some freemium extensions include Yoast for SEO, Schema for rich snippets, W3 total cache to enable caching in WordPress and Jetpack for overall performance of your WordPress website.

  1. Multilingual Ability

If you as a business are catering to markets worldwide, especially to non-english speaking countries, make sure your wordpress theme supports other languages as well. If you as a business are willing to enter into a market and adapt yourselves to the environment and the culture of that country, so should your website by being able to switch languages.

  1. Responsiveness across platforms

Responsiveness across mobile, tablets and desktop is the order of the day. Make sure your WordPress website supports all platforms and maintains a great user experience throughout all the platforms.

Apart from these pointers, also put other parameters such as support tools, page builders, simplicity of website (which you should consider while keeping the aesthetics in mind) in your list.These parameters will leave no stone unturned while you are choosing a WordPress theme for your website. In case you feel that there is a particular theme that does not go well with your business needs, trust your judgement. In the end your website powered by WordPress hosting should do justice to the business. Someone who can help you host your website on WordPress and also provide outstanding themes is ResellerClub, a trusted name in the domain and hosting industry. We strongly suggest you to take their offering into account.


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