/Applying Quantum Computing to Optimize Pokémon Fighting Teams

Applying Quantum Computing to Optimize Pokémon Fighting Teams

D-Wave Systems has a webinar in which they explain how to apply the power of quantum computing to gaming optimization using data from one of the world’s most popular fighting games: Pokémon.

They explore a classic example of a combinatorial problem: optimizing the makeup of a fighting team based on the effectiveness of variable attack types and defensive combinations.


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Sigma-i, a company formed to optimize the world with quantum computing technologies, and D-Wave Systems, announced the companies have signed the largest-ever global quantum cloud contract. Sigma-i will offer quantum consulting services and access to the D-Wave 2000Q™ family of systems via D-Wave’s quantum cloud service, Leap™, to companies, universities and research laboratories throughout Japan.

D-Wave Systems offers a commercial quantum annealing computer with over 2000 qubits and will soon release one with over 5600 qubits.

Customers will benefit from Sigma-i’s expertise in working with D-Wave’s quantum annealer[1]. Sigma-i’s services will incorporate best practices and application development methodologies, accelerating quantum technologies focused on manufacturing applications. This milestone contract will allow for both expansion of real-world quantum application development and further investigation, publication, and research and development.