/Crystals for Communication, to Find Your Voice + to Shine with Confidence

Crystals for Communication, to Find Your Voice + to Shine with Confidence

As kids, we were forced into uncomfortable spotlights all the time. From mandatory Spring Sing performances to the dreaded, front-of-class speeches—the mere mention of these memories is enough to trigger a series of panicked flashbacks. Fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias that people suffer from. It’s a fear that, even if mild, can be debilitating when allowed to affect which jobs, hobbies and activities we choose to pursue. Just interviewing for a job position is difficult when plagued with a fear of public speaking. Articulating one’s thoughts under pressure in a way that is eloquent—or, ya know, coherent—is a learned skill.

Of course, as adults, we have the power to choose not to engage in activities that push us toward our fears. We can avoid our fear of the spotlight by choosing not to go after the career we really want, or the passion we’d like to pursue. This is one of the freedoms we have as adults, but it’s also one of the traps.

Forming our life around our fears boxes us into a limited set of options, and allows our fears to dictate our future. Instead, we can consciously make the decision to conquer our fears for good. Using crystals for communication expands our prospects, emboldens our passions and strengthens our relationship bonds. Crystals for communication connect to our need for confidence, energy and excitement. They calm the mind of anxiety and instill a sense of raw authenticity that compels us to speak our truths. Show your scared inner child how it’s done, and work with crystals for communication to speak with confidence no matter what size the crowd.

Healing Crystals for Communication + Finding Your True Voice


While the key to public speaking is often thought to be establishing a sense of calm, studies have shown that bringing about a flourish of excitement actually produces better, more articulate performances. Get riled up with Carnelian, one of the best crystals for confidence, to elevate your creativity and give a more memorable speech.


Through connecting to your heart, throat and solar plexus chakras, Amazonite ensures that you don’t lose your nerve. Remain motivated in the endeavor to articulate yourself, and feel the Amazonite radiate its power from your heart as you deliver words with feeling instead of fear. Amazonite is both a crystal for confidence and a crystal for intellectual intuition. This will help guide you when you need to improvise and make on-the-spot decisions about which way to take the conversation.

Blue Apatite

Release negative, limiting beliefs about yourself, and embrace the idea that you are an amazing speaker when equipped with Blue Apatite. Stimulating the base chakra, Blue Apatite will facilitate motivation and passionate pursuits. You’ll feel driven to communicate more honestly, not just in speeches, but in all areas of your life.

Blue Calcite

Ease the nerves, and bring about positive, encouraging vibes with Blue Calcite. As a crystal for confidence, Blue Calcite soothes the stress and anxiety surrounding your talking points, and ushers in clarity of mind. As you work with Blue Calcite, you become more aligned with your thoughts and feelings. It fosters conscious communication that feels comfortable in its obvious authenticity.


This is a great stone for public speaking, not only because of the rock star levels of confidence you’ll be feeling, but also because of the new beginnings Chrysocolla aids in realizing. If you’ve always thought of yourself as a bad at communication, use Chrysocolla to bring about a new you who is a powerful communicator. The personal power that Chrysocolla imbues is known to banish phobias, release limiting beliefs and mental tensions, and activate your motivation. Tap into that energy to reprogram old ideas of self with positive beliefs. With an infusion of that signature Chrysocolla confidence, you’ll feel comfortable and at ease communicating in the spotlight.