/Discover how Citi are supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Discover how Citi are supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Citi is part of the FlexCareers family, and we are excited about our continued partnership with one of the world’s largest financial services organisations. They cover more than 100 countries and territories globally where they conduct business. Regardless of their scope of business, Citi is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer with Stephen Roberts, a founding member of Male Champions of Change, leading the way as Chairman of Citi Australia.

What does diversity look like at Citi?

Research and experience show when a company embraces diversity they attract the pool of talent needed to be productive, successful and innovative. As Citi continues to embrace its diverse employee talent pool, it is creating a culture of respect and inclusion that means all employees are comfortable to contribute and be themselves at work.

As a business, the unique strength of backgrounds and the different perspectives of their employees allows them to be a successful global bank, in touch with their clients and communities within which they operate. The combination drives innovation and ethical business practices.

Citi recognise the commitment to hiring diverse talent, promoting people on their merits and treating everyone with respect and dignity.

How does Citi promote gender equality in the workplace?

The business has seven pillars to their gender strategy under which sit goals and programs. The seven pillars are recruitment, pay equity, senior representation, workplace flexibility, employee networks, parental leave and supporting an end to domestic violence. They are measured through performance reviews with heads of each business unit.

What does inclusion look like at Citi?

Unconscious bias training

A critical aspect to ‘walking the talk’ at Citi is their commitment to unconscious bias training. What does that mean? It is an area the company continue to invest in and focus on. Within a training environment, participants are able to understand the business case for an inclusive work environment, recognise unconscious bias ad take actions to improve on-the-job decision making to support the workplace culture of leadership, ethics and inclusion.

Flexible work

In regard to flexible work, Citi embraces the notion of flexibility in how, when and where their employees work. It allows every employee at all levels realise personal and business objectives and continue to have meaningful work and career opportunities. In 2015, they piloted a ‘Working Dads’ program, to assist men managing roles and expectations at home and in the workplace.

Employee Networks

Citi have internal employee resource groups initiated and led by employees. They offer access to professional development, mentoring, networking and community engagement opportunities. Each chapter is open to all employees resulting in 150+ chapters in 65+ locations across 38 countries with 16,000 members. It sounds like they are onto something.

Development Programs

Citi have a varied choice of programs focused on developing leaders across all levels of the business. Some include a specific focus – like the six-month Diversity Leadership program – targeted at high-potential women. The program gives them access to workshops, individual coaching and sponsors to help build their confidence, executive presence and strategic skills.

Another is a 12-month program designed to strengthen the pipeline of women for leadership roles included in Citi’s Risk group – Women in Risk where career goals, a career plan and networking opportunities come together.

All Citi’s programs can result in becoming part of an alumni community.

In 2016-2017, Citi was recognised with several awards including Citi Australia being ‘Employer of Choice for Gender Equality’ (WEGA).

Corporate social responsibility

Citi Australia partners with non-profit organistaions to give young people (aged 16-25) a positive experience – ‘Pathways to Progress’ initiative – and increase their chances of employment or start a business. Another program the business offers is the Citi Workplace Giving program – it allows employees to make regular pre-tax payroll donations via Good2Give to a range of Australian Charities.

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