/Five benefits of a return to work programme

Five benefits of a return to work programme

Ready to go back to work?

Whether you took a career break to travel the world, have children, care for relatives, or for any other reason, the transition back into the workplace isn’t always an easy one. Luckily, return to work programmes are here to help.

We spoke to Deloitte, the largest professional services network in the world, to find out more about their own Return to Work programme – and how it could be a great way for you to get your career back on track:


What is a return to work programme?

A return to work programme is a scheme designed by employers to help experienced people get back into work after a career break.

Providing a role at the same level as their previous position (often part-time and temporary), alongside training, support, and guidance, means employees are able to re-enter the workplace gradually – without being overwhelmed.

Not only can return to work programmes allow skilled workers to utilise their existing abilities and experience (in addition to any skills they’ve learnt during their break), but they also help them to gain new knowledge and boost their confidence in a work-based setting.


Here are five key reasons to apply for a return to work programme:


  1. You can pick up where you left off

Return to work programmes are a great way to get back into work, without having to start from scratch.

And if you gained extensive experience in your field before your break, these dedicated return to work schemes provide the perfect opportunity to reignite your knowledge and bring your skills back up-to-date.

For example, Deloitte’s Return to Work programme is ideal for those who have taken a break of two years or more, after previously working in professional services for five years or more.

They also offer a wide range of financial roles all over the country, whether your skills lie in management, auditing, analytics, or anything else.


  1. You’ll be supported

Return to work programmes are designed with you in mind, with the understanding that re-entering the workplace after a long break can be a daunting process.

This is why employers ensure you’re given essential training and support to help you learn, grow, and redevelop your skills.

In fact, Deloitte prides itself in offering a programme that provides a comprehensive induction, technical skills training, coaching, and the opportunity to work with the most inspiring and talented people in the business.


  1. You’ll get flexibility

Many return to work programmes are flexible when it comes to your working hours – offering both part-time and full-time options. This makes working around other commitments easy, particularly if you have children to care for.

And, because they run on a temporary basis – you won’t be tied down. Whether it lasts a few weeks or a few months, you’ll have the chance to gain the skills and experience needed to jump into a permanent position once your scheme is complete.

Deloitte’s programme is particularly accommodating when it comes to working hours, providing part-time roles (4 days a week, for 25 weeks) with the option to work full-time if it suits you.


  1. You’ll boost your workplace confidence

Going back to work after a career break can be a difficult step to make, particularly if you’ve been off for a long time.

Not only could it feel like your skills and experience are out of date, it may also be difficult to adjust to new responsibilities, a work-focused routine, communicating with colleagues and clients, and everything else that comes with it.

That’s where return to work programmes come in. Instead of being thrown in at the deep end, you’ll be able to rebuild your confidence with the help of carefully tailored support and guidance.

With many schemes (and with Deloitte’s in particular), you’ll also be able to work with other returners in the same boat as you – so you’ll never feel like you’re in it alone.


  1. It could lead to a permanent role

So you’ve built your confidence, skills, and knowledge. But it doesn’t stop there.

With a return to work programme, you’ll continue to progress in your career. A large number of them come with the prospect of a permanent role on completion of the scheme – with Deloitte offering career opportunities to those who’ve made a great impression during their time at the firm.

Even if roles in your field aren’t available, or you aren’t selected for a permanent position, you’ll have gained a wide range of experience that’ll help you stand out for your next job.

You may even find that your hard work and ability to network at an organisation means you’re considered for a role there further down the line.


Why work for Deloitte?

Deloitte is the largest professional services network in the world, and one of the ‘big four’ firms (alongside PwC, Ernst & Young and KPMG).

As one of the most respected companies worldwide, they pride themselves in their ability to build talent, drive performance, and move together towards a strategic goal. At Deloitte, part-time isn’t seen as part commitment; value is measured through the impact you make, not hours spent behind a desk.

And with a number of roles available in their return to work programme starting in 2019, now’s the perfect time to get your foot (back) in the door.

Here are a few reasons to consider Deloitte’s return to work programme:

  • They have opportunities nationwide
  • They offer roles in everything from auditing and consulting, to financial advisory, internal, and tax services
  • They provide both part-time and full-time opportunities
  • You’ll be able to work alongside industry leaders
  • You’ll benefit from training and coaching delivered by professionals
  • You could be selected for a career opportunity at Deloitte the end of your scheme



Ready to get back to work? View all Deloitte return to work programmes now.



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