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How to Find a Yoga Teacher Who Brings the Best Out of You

Yoga is not something which was found in the last 100 or 200 years of evolution. Rather, it has been practiced since the ancient times of Mohenjo-Daro and Harrapan cultures, passed down by gurus to students for thousands of years.

There is a saying in the yoga community that Yoga is now as popular as golf.

A report by USA Today said that, “More people are seeking guidance on a path of stretching their bodies, breath, and minds. The number of people trained to teach is also trending upward, as the quantity of newly registered instructors jumped 18% from 2008 to 2014”.

With such a demand for yoga and an abundant supply of studios and instructors, the task of selecting the right teacher for you can seem challenging, but there are some key things to look for.

Here are 8 ways to evaluate a teacher and find the right one for you.

1. Does the yoga teacher connect with your soul or is their style is reflecting what you were expecting?

Starting in childhood, we have a tendency to like what eases us, not necessarily what is good for us.

This is the scenario with 90% of students. The teacher who shared our enthusiasm or would agree to what we see or think, instantly would become our favorite and thus we shaped our life according to it.

The same principle plays here. You only will be able to concentrate and understand your Yoga instructor if they become your FAVORITE.

2. Do you connect to their teachings? Do they resonate with your values or you share the same perspective or not?

This is a bit tricky, as it is now not about their personality, communication, or understanding. Rather it is about their beliefs and perspective.

You have to see whether you believe what they say. Do you carry the same ideology they teach?

3. Does the teacher have a healthy mentor-student relationship?

Yoga is all about sensing and reacting to nature. It is a soft process that is practiced to calm your mental senses.

You cannot practice it if the instructor fails to keep you calm in all situations. Find out if you feel comfortable when he or she is around.

4. In future, if you were given a chance to run a yoga institute, would you share the same vibe of the teacher with your students?

This is a hypothetical situation that you will have to imagine while looking at your instructor. Ask yourself this question and if the answer is yes, then you are in the right place with the right kind of teacher.

If the answer is no, then don’t waste time; find someone new and better for you.

5. His teachings must resonate with your spirit and body.

You will feel the presence of something new in your body. If practicing yoga feels like putting something soothing in your brain, then understand that you are on the right path.

Practicing Yoga will give you a peace of mind that almost no other exercise can do. You will find that you are talking to your conscience more clearly than ever. Your sixth sense will be more active than ever.

6. Does the teacher motivate you, and do you see a growth in both your confidence and body?

Usually, it takes three continuous months to see the effects of Yoga on your body. If you are already feeling the change in you, thus assure yourself that yes you are doing it right.

There may be times while doing yoga when we cannot perform, we go light on our body or experience an unwanted situation in life. These all have the potential to discourage you to practice. An instructor must have the skill of being able to motivate you.

7. Does the program activate your inner self?

One of the major side benefits of Yoga is that it encourages inward growth. It matures you in a way that a theory or art of living class won’t.

You begin to relate and cope up situations like never before. Problems will become easier to tackle. And you will be able to listen to your soul.

8. Do they carry enough credentials and are they well-trained and highly knowledgeable?

Verify about the instructor’s certifications and what they claim about their courses. Do not rely on website reviews. Instead, look out for Quora or Google reviews about the institute.

You must avoid instructors who claim that:

  1. “You too can become an instructor in a week or so.”
  2. “Other styles of Yoga are dangerous or not ok.”
  3. “There is only one way to practice Yoga.”

Remember that yoga is not merely a workout, but is a lifestyle. It is the only practice which helps you to stay physically fit and mentally positive.

You cannot just pull out protocols to perform and make it happen. Be a part of a community to feel the real connection that it offers you.

It’s like the civilization of Navi from the film Avatar and how the people of Navi would connect themselves with nature. Yoga makes you realize the essence of gravity and nature around you. It is a health magnet, and you are the source of reception.

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