/Instantly Update Virtual Reality from CAD Models and Control VR Like Tony Stark

Instantly Update Virtual Reality from CAD Models and Control VR Like Tony Stark

Mindesk 3 is new modeling software that has a live-link between CAD models and virtual reality and can link to the UNREAL gaming system for simulations with realistic physics. Nextbigfuture interviewed the co-founders Vittorio Bava and Gabriele Sorrento of Mindesk.

The Mindesk system combined with Virtual Reality or Augmented reality visualization systems and control devices gets us very close to the vision of what Tony Stark was doing in Iron Man 2 and other Marvel movies.

There is a 15-day free trial and Nextbigfuture readers can use coupon: NBFReader. This provides a $50 discount. You must register to get the discount.

If you are working with CAD and want to add Virtual Reality with one click then this is the system for it. It is clearly for professionals with $49-199 per month pricing. Professional architects, ship designers, aerospace or automotive designers will greatly benefit from this system.

However, the more complex your designs then the more useful it is.

Six years ago Elon Musk showed that it took one week to convert from wire models to a 3D virtual reality model. Elon described the importance of being able to interact and work with 3D models and now Mindesk takes it further with a live link between the engineering and architectural files and the high-resolution 3D virtual reality.

There can even be realistic rendering and physics when it is used with the UNREAL engine.

This system takes you and your team to where Elon Musk is working and how we see Iron Man in the movies.

The legendary architects Zaha Hadid architects are using the system. They will be presenting at an upcoming London conference. Zaha Hadid is called the Queen of the Curve as she designed iconic curved buildings and structures.

Epic games is presenting as well as the conference. More major news is coming and Nextbigfuture will report it.

Azimut Yachts is using the system for personalization and design of yachts.

It has been used for military submarine modeling.

The special sauce is there a live link between the CAD and virtual reality. The engine uses the Microsoft graphic library Microsoft DirectX 12.

Everything used in virtual reality happens in the CAD file directly. There is a scripting plugin for Rhino.

This is a transformative technology to change how people work and how people will visualize and interact with engineering and building designs.

Designers will be able to go back to working with their hands via 3D virtual reality systems and this software. This will bring natural movement control to industrial-grade representations.