/Loose Women clash as Saira Khan warns Linda Robson ’stop having a go at me’ – Mirror Online

Loose Women clash as Saira Khan warns Linda Robson ’stop having a go at me’ – Mirror Online

Loose Women‘s Saira Khan and Linda Robson clashed on Wednesday in a row over noisy dogs.

And Janet Street-Porter also stepped in to defend Linda in the argument as the ladies discussed neighbours who complain about noise including dogs barking.

Janet revealed she regularly shouted at her neighbours over their noise and mess, and even apologised for a recent vicious rant she went on to one resident on her road.

Saira replied: “I’m glad you don’t live next to me Janet, we aren’t very popular with our neighbours.

Saira was appalled her neighbours complained about the dog barking late at night

“We’ve got Vera, she’s still a puppy, and I have to take her out for her last wee at ten-o-clock.

“She’s five months now and she’s found her voice, so anything that moves at night, she barks and she barks and I am trying to control her.

“And our neighbour the other day opened the window, I don’t care if he’s watching, and he said, ‘Can you please keep that dog quiet and make sure it goes for a wee earlier’.”

Linda told Saira her dog should not be barking that late

Saira pulled a face but Linda cut in: “Can I just say, 10:30 is quite late for a dog to be barking, especially if they’ve got children and the children are asleep.

“I feel sorry for them! Let the dog out a little bit earlier or take the dog for a walk.

Saira shot back: “I live on a street there are no children next door to me and stop it because she is a little puppy and she’s learning.

Saira’s puppy has received fierce criticism for barking at night

“She has just found her voice, so stop having a go, Linda Robson.”

Linda argued: “I’m just saying 10:30 is quite late to let a dog out barking.”

“I agree with Linda on this,” quipped Janet.

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