/One third of the World Plays Video Games

One third of the World Plays Video Games

Market researcher Newzoo expects more than 2.5 billion people to play games in 2019. This is about one-third of the global population.

The global gaming market is a $152 billion business in 2019 and should reach $196 billion in 2022.

Globaldata forecasts global gaming could reach $300 billion by 2025.

The number of active gamers is growing by about 130 million each year. This would mean over 3 billion in 2023 or 2024 and 4 billion in 2030. This will be nearly half of the 8.5 billion people in the world.

Soccer (world football) had about 3.6 billion viewers in 2018. The NFL Superbowl dropped from a peak of about 113 million viewers in 2015 to about 100 million in 2019. NFL season revenue was $14 billion in 2018. This includes merchandise, tickets and licensing.

Mobile gaming (smartphone and tablet combined) will produce revenues of $95.4 billion in 2022, growing with a CAGR of +11.3% to account for almost half (49%) of the entire games market. Revenues and growth will be driven predominantly by smartphones, with revenues of $79.7 billion by 2022.

The global movie box office in 2018 was $41.1 billion. Global home entertainment business increased by 16% to reach $55.7 billion last year. Digital rentals, sales, and subscriptions from streaming services such as Netflix drove growth. Digital home entertainment spending in the U.S. increased 24% to $17.5 billion and internationally this sector climbed 34% to $25.1 billion. DVDs and Blu-rays sales and rental dropped 15% in the US to $5.8 billion and fell 14% internationally to $7.3 billion.

In 2018, globally digital streaming subscriptions increased by 27% to 613.3 million and cable subscriptions fell 2% to 556 million.

Video gaming has almost twice as many people compared to those watching streaming or TV entertainment.

The top video games in the world in 2019 are

Call of Duty
Super Smash Bros
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)
Assassin’s Creed
League of Legends

The most popular mobile games in the world in 2019 according to Ranker are

PUBG Mobile
Clash of Clans
Clash Royale
Pokemon Go
Geometry Dash
8 Ball Pool
Angry Birds 2

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Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com