/Protection Stones for Guarding the Spirit + How to Use Them

Protection Stones for Guarding the Spirit + How to Use Them

When your spirit is carrying a lot of negative energy, it feels like there’s rain cloud over your head. Luckily, there’s a silver lining. With protection stones, you can cleanse and shield your energy from collecting anymore unwanted vibes. Negative energy can attach to us in a lot of ways. Sometimes it happens when we’re in crowds and surrounded by other people’s energy, sometimes it happens from long days at work or disputes with relatives. How ever you’re positive energy has been depleted, it’s important to fill it back up and protect it. The first step to doing that is knowing which of the crystals for protection to pick, and how to use them.

What you’ll learn:

  • Which crystals to use for protection
  • How to use protection crystals for cutting cords
  • How to wear crystals for protection
  • How to create a protection grid in your home
  • Meditating with protection stones
  • Creating a crystal body grid for meditating with protection stones

What Are The Best Healing Crystals for Protection?

Our favorite crystals for protection are black kyanite, black tourmaline, black onyx, and pyrite.

  • Black kyanite helps to protect the personal energy field.
  • Black tourmaline works to protect the environment around you, and cleanse you of stagnant or negative energy.
  • Black onyx works to transform negative energy into positive energy, helping you to build up an emotional resilience.
  • Pyrite is often overlooked as stone for protection, since it’s so often recommended for its abundance imbuing properties, but nonetheless this stone is great for returning negative vibes back to their senders. If you are forced to deal with someone who is constantly sending vitriol your way, use pyrite to block that negativity from entering your energy field.

Protection Stones for Guarding the Spirit + How to Use Them

How to Use Protection Stones:

There are several ways you can bolster your emotional strength with protection stones. Healing crystals for protection can be worn, used to create grids, kept on sacred altars, or worked with in meditation. It just depends on your intended function for the crystal.

Cutting Cords

When someone we care for shares with us that they are going through a difficult time, it’s not uncommon for us to feel the weight of their experience in our own energy field. This creates an energy attachment. In order to continue being a strong source of support and positive energy for this person, you have cut your energy attachment with them. This keeps you from getting drained, and allows you to be completely there for them when they need you. To cut energy cords, take a piece of black kyanite and hold it in your hand as you trace an invisible line around your body, moving the crystal over the front, sides and back of your body. Visualize the cord attached to you, and see yourself cutting through it with the kyanite. You can add an intention to this practice, stating aloud something like: I release this energy and send it back to [insert name] with love and light. I am cleansed.

Wearing a Stone for Protection

Wearing protection amulets goes back thousands of years. Today, we can wear protection stones as a way to remind ourselves to check in with and give importance to our energy. Sometimes when we’re at work, or surrounded by other people, we feel the need to cater to other people at the expense of our own energetic needs. A protection necklace or bracelet allows you to keep a protective shield around you all day.

If you are beginning to feel someone else’s bad energy getting to you, step away from them to find a peaceful area, and reconnect with by touching your stone for protection with your hands. The most important thing to do before wearing your protection stones is to give them a job. To do this, cleanse them with the smoke of sage, hold them in your hands, and set an intention for your work with the stone. You can set an intention by stating aloud an affirmation, such as: I call forth divine protection.

Creating a Protection Grid for the Home

You can create a protection grid for the home easily with crystals for protection. Put four pieces of black tourmaline by each corner of the room, or around the exterior corners of your home to set up a protective shield. Placing a piece of black tourmaline in a bowl of water and salt by the door also helps to keep you from bringing outside negativity into the home.

Meditating with Healing Crystals for Protection

Meditating with crystals is a great way to fill your body and spirit with the restorative properties of protection crystals. Start by finding a place in your home that’s quiet and brings you peace. You can hold whatever protection crystals make you feel most secure. You can also create a body grid to deepen the grounding of your meditative state.

Make a Crystal Body Grid with Protection Stones

We recommend using a combination of black tourmaline, selenite and black onyx in your body grid. Lay flat on the floor, and place the piece of black onyx by your feet, allowing it to connect to your root chakra. Then set a small chunk of black tourmaline on your throat, allowing it to cleanse any tension caused by blocked energy you’re holding there. Set a rainbow obsidian over your heart, so that it can send loving, purifying vibrations to your heart chakra. And hold a piece of selenite in each hand.

As you work with crystals for protection, you’ll begin to feel more grounded and emotionally durable. That’s the true power of these stones. Even when people do try to push their own negativity onto you, your shift into a higher perspective will keep those vibes from affecting your joy. That’s why it’s important to not only use crystals for protection when your feeling vulnerable, but also as a preventative measure to lend yourself strength before you go to leave the home.