/Reader’s Holiday Wish List

Reader’s Holiday Wish List

Each holiday season, I do my best to help all of your find deals on the things you need.  However, I only search for items that I believe you may want.  This may result in us not sharing a deal on something you need.


The simplest way to do this is to ensure that we help you seek out the best prices on the items you need. Whether you need one item or ten, I want to help.

That is what lead me to create the Reader’s Wish List.

Since I’m not shopping with you, I don’t know exactly what is on your shopping list.  However, if you fill out this simple form, I do!

It is important to note that I will do my best to find a deal.  But, there are items that either never go on sale (think expensive electronics) or that there is just not a deal to be found.  If we find something, we will either post it here on the site or directly in our Facebook Group.  If you aren’t yet a part of the group, make sure you join us there!

You will want to be a part of the group, even if you don’t fill out the wish list.  When the deals start happening, I’ll share them in that room first.  And, you can talk with others, ask questions and engage with readers who may be looking for the same things you are!

Fill out the wish list and join us there so you can make this holiday shopping season not only affordable – but fun!

Don’t forget to join the Facebook Group!!!

Reader's Wish List

Looking for the best holiday deals?  This will help!  Share what you want on the list and then, they will look to try to find it for you.  It is like having a personal shopper!!

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