/Rossi Has New Self-Sustaining Cold Fusion Claim

Rossi Has New Self-Sustaining Cold Fusion Claim

Andrea Rossi has made cold fusion (aka low energy nuclear reaction) claims for nearly ten years. Rossi’s claims have failed serious attempts at validation. The previous results related to excess energy seem to been explained by completely fraudulent demonstrations. Electricity and heat were made from hidden connections to conventional sources.

On January 31, 2019, Rossi’s released a new product called E-Cat SK via live video stream. The product is reported as currently available to be leased by factories as a source of heat. Tom Casten and Australian physicist and aerospace engineer Ian Bryce said that the inputs, outputs, and measurement points are not defined. Ian says the results are meaningless.

The latest claim is a new product called E-Cat SKL. This is an E-Cat SK that has electricity generation and the output electricity used as input for a continuous reaction. The new claim is that the system can have energy used to start it and then it will run continuously far beyond any chemical processes.

Conventional nuclear reactors are designed to run for years before there is refueling of the nuclear materials. If this was also some form of solid-state nuclear power then it could conceivably run for years. There have been claims that these systems convert nickel into different isotopes. Previously when different nickel isotope ratios were presented by Rossi, the validation indicated someone added in the different isotopes.

Validation of the new Rossi claims will require third parties having complete control of the testing. The devices would need to be placed into isolated chambers and run for months without having any electrical input and the electrical output would need to be one hundred times beyond the initial input.

The testing would need to have experienced stage magicians helping to create the test protocols to avoid fraud and tricks.

Ian Bryce detailed how fraudulent wiring could be used to power older versions of the e-Cat. An Earth-wire was used to get unmetered power.

The Rossi’s Megawatt Reactor always had a 500 kilowatt conventional nearby for any demonstration.

Rossi claims have to meet a far higher standard versus regular science claims. These are claims from someone where there is massive evidence of serial fraud, tricks and lies.