/SpaceX Could Have First Starlink Service By February 2020

SpaceX Could Have First Starlink Service By February 2020

SpaceX is planning four Starlink satellite launches by the end of 2019. This would put 240 satellites into orbit.

The four launches are currently targeting:
October 10
October 25
November 13
December 8

SpaceX can provide service top the USA and Canada after 360 satellites are operating in orbit. Previously SpaceX had talked about two launches in 2019 and seven launches in the first half of 2020. SpaceX could get the six launches they need to reach 360 Starlink satellites by the end of January 2020. They would then spend some time getting the satellites into the right positions.

If the 4th commercial Starlink launch happens in December then it seems likely that there would be two more in January, 2020.

SpaceX has already successfully deployed sixty production versions of the Starlink Satellite. 50 of those satellites are still working.

In capital markets, low latency is the use of algorithmic (programmed) trading to react to market events faster than the competition to increase the profitability of trades. In 2007 a large global investment bank has stated that every millisecond lost results in $100 million per year in lost opportunity. Laser light communication in a vacuum is physically 45% faster than communication through a fiber.

SpaceX will start generating substantial revenue in 2020 equal or slightly exceeding launch revenue. This was based upon 2017 SpaceX revenue projections from a 2017 Wall Street Journal article.

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Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com