/Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapter 13 of Crystal Muse

Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapter 13 of Crystal Muse

As summer winds down, many of us tend to sink into the end-of-summer blues. To stave off these feelings, we need to infuse our spirit with passion and creativity. This helps us transition into fall with the welcoming embrace of what a new season brings in. Lucky for us, this coincides perfectly with our journey through Crystal Muse. If you’ve been reading along with us, you know that we’ve reached chapter 13, Your Creative Spirit. Let’s immerse ourselves into this chapter and get excited about sparking a fire within our spirit and imaginations!

Often, when we’re stuck in a creative rut, it affects several areas of our lives. You can’t have creativity without passion. So when our pool of passion becomes drained, there’s no way for our creativity to dive in and make a splash. Instead of trying to force your creativity to put out something, regardless of how uninspired you feel, you need to replenish your passion first.

For example, in Heather’s story about her looming deadline and creative block, sitting there staring at her project wasn’t an effective way to get inspired. By carrying around crystals to stimulate her heart chakra, her connection to the energy of creation and excitement was solidified. She also learned that everything has to come in its own time. “Pushing harder to make things happen can sometimes take you farther from where you need to be,” Heather wrote.

The crystals for creativity that Heather recommends for opening up your heart to let passion flow in are:

  • Carnelian—for passion, creativity and joy
  • Rose Quartz—for opening the heart to unconditional love, because when you stop criticizing and doubting yourself, you’re free to just CREATE
Now, a question for you: Have you ever tried to force something to happen, and found that what you really needed was to just release your grip on the situation and let it come to you? Share with us and comment below!

Sometimes, our creative spirit begins to mimic our lives in general. If you find yourself unable to take even simple risks elsewhere in your life, how can you expect to your creativity to thrive? You need some excitement in your life to bring about a shift in your imagination. Heather suggests breaking free of the box you’ve been living in by literally tearing apart a box.

If your spirit is going to mimic your stagnant actions, then let it instead copy this shift as you break the box. Obviously the ritual goes a bit deeper than that, including crystal intention setting and getting clear on the negative notions clouding your creative flow, but the idea of turning that analogy on its head to make it for you is one we really like.

Another question for you: What is a comfort zone that you’re due to break out of? Share with us and comment below! 

Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapter 13 of Crystal Muse

Of course, you can’t go wrong when choosing to tap into your sense of play. If what you really want is to just shake things up for yourself and to have fun doing it, then Heather suggests you need crystals like:

Last question for you: What’s one fun thing that you can do to engage your sense of play today? Share with us and comment below! 

Next up, we’re reading chapter 14, The Now of Spirituality. Continue onto this chapter to get acquainted with how to embrace light and dark along your spiritual journey. It’s the last chapter of our summer read-through of Crystal Muse, so don’t miss our discussion about staying grounded even after our experience with the book comes to an end.