/Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapter 14 of Crystal Muse

Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapter 14 of Crystal Muse

Summer has come to an end, and, sadly, so has our summer read-through of Crystal Muse. But even though we’ve finished reading the book, your journey with it has only just begun. What rituals were you most excited to try while reading about them? These are the ones to return to when you decide it’s time to take your crystal practice to the next level. The final chapter that we’re discussing today is how to carry on with a positive spirit during every aspect of your life experience—even when it seems impossible to do so.

Having a spiritual connection to the earth is easy enough when things are going well in your life, but it’s when things take a chaotic turn that making time to ground yourself in calm, stabilizing energy becomes a challenge; and ironically, that’s when you need your spiritual practice most. That’s where the Ho’oponopono practice comes in. Author, Heather Askinosie, learned this practice from a Hawaiian medicine woman. The practice is a way to clean up and correct any problems in your life through forgiveness. As you forgive others, you forgive yourself.

The stones that Heather has included into her Ho’oponopono practice are all about cleansing and grounding. She recommends using:

  • Black Onyx—to release unwanted energies
  • Red Jasper—for stability and nurturing
  • Smoky Quartz—to ground and let go
  • Shungite—to neutralize any energy that’s released throughout the duration of the ritual

Red Jasper is one of the stones to bring with you when you feel tested by the universe. When everything seems to be going wrong and you can’t catch your breath in between solving one problem and a new problem arises—seek the stabilizing energy of red jasper. Even just holding a red jasper stone in your hands for a few moments of deep breathing can have a significant impact on shifting your spiritual state and mental perspective. Red jasper is works to dim constant worry, and links with the root and sacral chakra to lend the balance and motivation to get you through difficult times.

Now, a question for you: What is something/someone that you’d like to send forgiveness to? Share with us and comment below!

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that when you embark on a spiritual journey, you’re trying to rid yourself of your shadow side. In reality, you’ll never completely rid yourself of that part of you. It’s an aspect of the human condition. Instead, you need embrace the shadow side. Through learning to understand and forgive the darkness within, we can let these emotions surface so that they can be released. Constantly being aware of your shadow side, and taking the time to heal things as they arise, keeps you from becoming overwhelmed by negativity. To do this healing, the stones used in Heather’s Opening Your Heart to Your Shadow Ritual are:

  • Rhodonite—for forgiveness, compassion and releasing fear
  • Shungite—for neutralizing any energy that’s released during the duration of the ritual
  • Ruby Zoisite—for transmuting negative energy into positive
  • Rose Quartz—for opening the heart to unconditional love
  • Selenite—for light energy
  • Black Tourmaline—for clearing and releasing energy
Another question for you: What is an element of your shadow side that you normally repress, but that are willing to heal? Share with us and comment below! 

As Heather put it, once you’ve “connected your body with your heart, you’ll need to expand your mind, uniting all three.” Take time after you’ve finished reading the book to be still, and consider what ideas and thoughts can inspire new growth in your life. Clear quartz and lemurian seed quartz are what Heather recommends doing this exercise with. These crystals together can help you to expand beyond your current limiting beliefs.    

Which rituals have you not been able to stop thinking about? Your intuition is letting you know where it wants to go. Are you going to follow?  

Now that you’ve finished your journey through the book:

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