/Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapter 8 of Crystal Muse

Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapter 8 of Crystal Muse

This week we’re talking about matters of the heart. If you’ve been reading along with us on our summer book series, you know that we’re up to The Love Guru chapter of Crystal Muse. This chapter covers every phase of the heart’s journey. From self-love and new love, to setting intentions for lasting marriages and reigniting the flame. There’s even advice on how to heal the broken heart by working through it with rainbow obsidian. If you’re ready to get realigned with what makes your heart sing, let’s dive into our discussion of the love chapter!

When Heather was toying around with energetic formulas for love when she stumbled upon a winning combination. Not only is it how she attracted her own husband, it’s how countless others have met their soulmates as well. The idea behind the 40 day love ritual that she curated, is that you have to shift your perspective and breakthrough negative patterns in order to transform your love life. This means something different to every person going through the experience. Some people need to come to understand that the person they most need to focus on loving is themselves. And others need to shift away from always seeking out the wrong kind of person. That’s why Rose quartz and malachite play such essential roles in this ritual. Malachite is to help you see the harsh truths about the changes you need to make. The motivational energy of this stone also helps you to summon the courage to make those difficult shifts. Combining the energy of malachite with the loving and soothing energy of rose quartz provides the perfect balance of seeing what you need to fix, and seeing all that you have to love about yourself. Rose quartz is like an energetic hug. It’s energy opens your heart up to experience life’s joys through a happier and healthier lens. And when you vibrate out happiness, you attract it in return.

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How you take care of yourself says everything about the priority you place on your spiritual and emotional health. Don’t skimp on the self-love, or you’ll feel the impact in other areas of your life. Co-author, Timmi Jandro’s, story is interesting because it highlights two different ways in which you can neglect your self-love. The less-obvious method of doing this happens when you begin living your life for someone else. Timmi felt she was living like she was supposed to, so for years, she didn’t pause to consider if this was actually what she actually wanted. When it finally hit her that her life wasn’t fulfilling her core needs, she did a complete 180 degree turn. She went from a Norman Rockwell-esque domestic life to a no holds barred party life. This is the obvious form of self-care neglect. She was going out all the time and not investing any energy into her spiritual needs. After getting burnt out by this lifestyle, Timmi recognized that she needed to realign with true herself. But figuring out who exactly that was, and what she really wanted was no easy task. She needed a massive dose of self-love healing.

Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapter 8 of Crystal Muse

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Sustaining long-term relationships with others requires the same about amount of honesty and constant recommitment as your relationship with yourself. If your romantic relationship has been running on empty, refill the love with an infusion of rejuvenating energy. That means practicing respect, gratitude and authentic communication. The Keeping the Love Alive Ritual uses kambaba jasper and rhodonite to inspire these practices. The yin and yang balance of rhodonite’s calming energy with kambaba jasper’s creative stimulation will establish a perfect bond between the duel needs of a partnership.

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When it comes to healing the heart, a lot of self-reflection is necessary. Rainbow obsidian is the stone Heather recommends because it forces you to dig deep and recognize the lessons you were meant to learn from that relationship. Ask yourself what life has taught you from this experience.

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Next up: We’ll be diving into chapter 10 to learn how to use crystals for a better night sleep.