/The Veil Is Thin and Getting Thinner….

The Veil Is Thin and Getting Thinner….

Understanding The Veil and What A Thin Veil Means

The Veil is Thin and Getting Thinner The Veil is Thin and Getting Thinner… Have you heard this?

I’ll bet you have… But let’s take this a bit deeper and dive into the heart of what it really means.

What Is The Veil?

I think the best place to begin looking at this topic is by answering the question: “What the heck is The Veil anyway?”

The Veil is first and foremost a metaphor… Because veiled in the illusion of time and space is the highest truth of who you really are.

So “The Veil” is essentially the barrier between you in the physical and the spiritual realms.

It’s also sometimes called The Veil of Illusion because the very purpose of The Veil is to provide a barrier between spirit and the physical world… But the reality and underlying truth is that spirit and the physical are interconnected, and any perceived blocks or barriers are simply illusion.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” -Einstein

In other words, The Veils of Illusion are part of the programming of reality. They are the constructs that hold back your infinite spiritual awareness, so you can perceive yourself as a limited physical being.

As The Veils dissolve, thin or fall away, truth is revealed, and you can experience beyond the physical…

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This can unfold in many different realms ranging from perceiving non-physical beings, experiencing your multidimensional self, simply expanding consciousness, tuning into higher awareness, or receiving clear guidance and inspiration from Spirit.

The Thinning of The Veil

We live in a time period in which the Veils are naturally thinning due to the ongoing ascension process and the incredible influxes of plasma light and ascension energy.

This energy is triggering more and more people to awaken to higher consciousness and direct spiritual experience. As more people wake up across the planet and begin to stand in empowerment to perceive and reach beyond The Veil… The rate at which The Veil is thinning further accelerates.

Glimpsing Beyond The Veil

The Veil is Thin and Getting Thinner... Learn what this means and how to glimpse beyond The Veil here now!When you consciously direct your attention towards the realms of Spirit, you’ll likely have experiences where you glimpse beyond the veil. These glimpses, spiritual experiences — whether they happen spontaneously, or from consciously working towards opening your psychic abilities — attunes your energy to Spirit, and anchors Spirit into the physical further peeling back The Veil of Illusion and freeing your conscious awareness…

The process of gradually peeling back the Veils of Illusion raises your frequency, expands consciousness and empowers you to enter into a heightened state of awareness.

As more and more individuals wake up and experience beyond The Veil, this gradually and yet consistently Thins the Veil on a collective scale.

Yes this is happening now, and yes, the thinning is accelerating.

Where and When Is The Veil The Thinnest?

Okay… So we talked about what The Veil is and how it is consistently thinning…

But have you heard of times like Samhain/ Halloween, “the witching hour” or maybe you’ve heard of or been to certain sacred sites or “thin places” where The Veil is naturally thinner?

I’ll confirm it for you… There are absolutely certain times, and many, many different locations where The Veil between the physical and the spiritual is naturally thinner.

Liminal Space

One of the hidden keys to finding these thin times and places has to do with the liminal.

Liminal comes from the Latin word līmen, which means “a threshold”…

So liminal spaces or places where the veil is thin are the spaces where you have left something behind but are not yet fully in something else.

For example: The space between where the Ocean ends and Land begins is a liminal “crossing over” space where if you stand there…

You’re not quite in the Ocean, and you’re not quite on Land… You’re in-between space, both in the Ocean and on Land… And in a sense, in neither.

As a result of being “in-between”, in a liminal space, peering through The Veil, which is the “in-between” of Spirit and Physical also becomes easier.

So these points of in-between, both on the Earth, and found in time, are places where the veil is naturally thin, offering a boose in glimpsing beyond The Veil into the realms of Spirit.

Times/ Places Where The Veil is Thin

Additional liminal times or places where the veil is thin include:

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The boundaries between land and water…
Where the desert meets the forest…
Earth meets rock…

Or where mountaintops turn into sky…
Meteor Craters (where Space meets Earth)
Volcanoes or Hot Springs (where the core of the Earth meets the surface)

Sunset (the in-between day and night)
The Witching Hour (the in-between midnight and dawn)

Samhain (the time of the year between Summer and Winter)
Beltane (the time of the year between Winter and Summer)

The hypnogogic state (the state between dreaming and waking)

Waterfalls (the space between Water and Air)
Natural arches or tunnels (Where Earth meets Air)

Places where its foggy or misty (also where Water meets Air)

Different thin places grant you access to different aspects of Spirit, and different spiritual dimensions. For example, to keep running with the shoreline where Ocean meets Land… It’s not necessarily going to provide clear access beyond the veil to talk to your grandfather in Spirit… (unless maybe he was a surfer) … But it will likely be a place where its easier to communicate with the spiritual beings who are present in that space.

Beyond the Veil

Although the veils are certainly thinning now… As physical beings, the realms of magic and spirit largely remain just outside of our everyday awareness and normal waking consciousness.

This doesn’, however,r mean that we can’t consciously cultivate a profound relationship with Spirit…

And through this, further, peel back The Veil of Illusion to expand consciousness and anchor the light and wisdom of the spiritual realms into life to help bring about positive change and transformation in the physical.

A great place to start cultivating that relationship and peeling back The Veil is through meditation…

Check out our collection of free angel meditations here…

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With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler