/This Is Why People Should Be Afraid Of You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

This Is Why People Should Be Afraid Of You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Note: We all know that it’s easy to highlight our positive and healthy aspects, especially since these are the qualities we strive to use more often in our daily lives. So keep in mind this isn’t necessarily a reflection of what each type does, but a reflection of what each type is capable in its most unhealthy state. Not everyone in these types will do these things to you, so don’t freak out too much.

ENFP: You are capable of detaching and disappearing like it’s absolutely nothing. Even to the ones who would consider themselves closest to you. Though you can be as loyal and caring as they come, the moment you perceive a greater opportunity elsewhere or lose interest, you are capable of disappearing without looking back. It wouldn’t be completely out of the question for you to be in someone’s life one day, and completely disregard them the next. And that can leave people confused and uncertain since they honestly believed they could trust you.

ENTP: You are capable of learning what gets under a person’s skin and/or their deepest insecurities, and will use it against them. You have a knack for learning things about other people they usually don’t want anyone to know. This may not be a bad thing unless you are trying to get something from someone or become angry with them, as this knowledge can easily be used as a weapon and you will most likely do it without giving any thought or concern on how it will affect the other person.

INFP: You create idealized versions of people in your mind, and completely lose it when they don’t match up to the reality. You tend to see, and sometimes even create, the best in people. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can quickly go south the moment that the reality of the person doesn’t meet your imaginative expectations, and this can cause you to snap on a person for not being “who you thought they were.” This causes people to feel anxious around you, and possibly afraid of never living up to your expectations, which can be terrifying to someone who truly cares for you and wants to make you happy.

INTP: Everything to you is an experiment and you don’t care too much about the consequences of your actions. To you, most things in life are very simple when you get down to it—very cause and effect. You tend to get so caught up inside your own mind that you may ignore the people around you, or worse, neglect them in other ways without caring about whatever emotional state it might leave them in and that can have devastating consequences to the ones who choose to be close to you.

ESFJ: You will do anything for attention. And I mean anything. You are known for going out of your way to help others, and while at times this might be simply from the goodness of your heart, sometimes you can’t deny that you really want people to reciprocate the kind of adoration and attention you lavish on others and in your worst moments, you will do just about anything if it gets you the attention you’re craving, whether it’s good or bad. Sometimes this might end up with you putting yourself in danger, or even spilling someone’s secrets to get the things you want, but either way, it’s not pretty.

ISFJ: You have the ability to become so loyal to something or someone, you’ll die for it. Even if it’s not always on the right side of things. You are one who loves tradition and when everything falls into place the way you think it should. And there isn’t anything wrong with that, really. However, if you choose to place your loyalty in anyone or anything, you will absolutely devote yourself to it without thinking twice. This kind of commitment and loyalty is great, but can also go south quickly if the thing/person you’re so dedicated to turns out to be on the wrong side of the problem. You would rather try to keep the peace than allow anything to disturb your carefully curated world, and your blinders to the aftermath can cause an awful situation all around if you’re not careful.

ESTJ: You believe you are always right, and anyone who says otherwise is beneath you and a threat to your ideals. Truth be told, you tend to believe that your way is the correct way—the only correct way for that matter. When someone else presents a different point of view or different course altogether, you can’t fathom why someone would dare to choose a different course, and it causes you to view them as beneath you. This could result in arrogance at best, yet could also lead to you feeling personally attacked since the person isn’t lining up with your ideas/beliefs, and you will not hesitate to put them in their place by absolutely any means necessary.

ISTJ: Your high standing principles and love of your family can cause you to become overwhelmingly and threateningly protective. You love tradition, family, and morality—very few can truly fight you on this. This isn’t a bad thing, yet can easily get out of hand if you feel someone is threatening you, your ideals, or your family, or even some combination of the three. You’re typically reserved and careful with your reactions, but this doesn’t mean you won’t do whatever it takes to protect the things you consider most important and crossing that line with you won’t end well for anyone on the opposite side.

ENFJ: You are able to manipulate others to agree with and fulfill your vision of what is “best”, and if they don’t, you will act kindly to their face while completely destroying them behind their backs. At your best, you love to help and nurture people to become their best possible self, Yet at your worst, you can have a blind tunnel vision about what really is “best for everyone” and your ability to read a room and cause people to open up to you can become a catalyst for you steamrolling your way over anyone to achieve that specific goal that you’re so certain of. In the process, this can cause you to sacrifice some people and their well-being for the good of the group, and that can lead to devastating consequences.

INFJ: You’re obsessive, to an unhealthy degree. Your admiration and loyalty—whether it be to a person, idea, or cause—can be rivaled by very few people in this world. However, this devotion can easily translate into overwhelming obsession and the limits on where it stops become easily blurred and even eradicated altogether. Though paying attention and doting on someone isn’t really a bad thing, once you’re obsessed with something/someone, you won’t let anything stand in your way or get between you, and the potential outcomes of this is something worth being afraid of.

ESTP: You will seek the thrill at any cost, to yourself or to others, even if it means taking incredibly dangerous/fatal risks. Let’s be honest, there is this big part of you that loves the rush. It’s part of why people enjoy being around you and embarking on your crazy adventures. Yet sometimes, with people like you who have done and seen so much in the world, it can feel more difficult to reach that kind of excitement again and it can potentially cause you to engage in risky behaviors in order to achieve it.

ISTP: You are willing to be completely and totally alone and you’re not afraid to do whatever it may take to keep anyone from trying to become involved in your life. Some people might say that no one truly wants to be alone, but you would be the one to debate that. While you may be okay with having a select few people in your life, overall there is an aching part of you that is more than content on being alone for the rest of your life. Sometimes this means that if someone starts invading on your personal space, be it physical or emotional, you are quick to shut them out, and you don’t mind doing what it takes to keep them there even becoming cold, harsh, and brutal towards them for no real reason.

ESFP: You are determined to be in the spotlight, and anyone who might potentially upstage you is an immediate threat. You aren’t afraid to do what it takes to ensure that doesn’t happen. You’re definitely a performer, in more than just one aspect. You want people to like you and you want to entertain them, and you’re very good at achieving both of those things. However, when someone else swoops in and upstages you, it’s not something you take lightly and you aren’t afraid to lash out or do whatever may be necessary to make sure that spotlight keeps shining down on you.

ISFP: You’re in a constant swing of emotions depending on the moment, and you’ll absolutely lose it if people can’t keep up with/understand you. You’re an artist and a misunderstood one at that. While part of you might thrive on people not fully “getting” you, there also is a part that absolutely desires those close to you to know exactly what you’re thinking/how you’re feeling. This wouldn’t be such a task if you weren’t constantly changing emotional states AND difficult to read at the same time. This can cause you to lash out or completely lose your temper with those who aren’t on the same page as you, and it can be frightening to be on the receiving end of the anger from someone as passionate as you are.

ENTJ: You are perfectly fine with destroying anyone who stands in the way of your goals. Let’s be honest, you’ve never been one to pride yourself on being emotionally compassionate. You tend to look at people’s strengths and weaknesses, and use those to achieve the goals your aspiring to. While this can be great if used correctly, it also can go south when you deem someone completely useless if they are preventing your goals and desires from taking place and you won’t hesitate to lacerate them with harsh words or even actions to remove what you view as the “obstacle” from your end goal, and the people who are unfortunate enough to end up in that position won’t walk away unscathed.

INTJ: You are so convinced you’re so intellectually above everyone else that you don’t mind to wear them down into nothing if it’s for the good of your cause. Look, we know you’re insanely intelligent—no one would dare debate that with you. And truth be told, we know that you’re usually the smartest person in the room most of the time. However, you have a tendency to look down on those who you believe are less intelligent than you (read: pretty much everyone). This tends to be annoying at best, yet can quickly get worse if you feel those people are holding you back from learning or achieving the next step towards your idea or plan because you won’t think twice about belittling or wearing down a person to their core, whether this be mentally or emotionally, to remove them from the picture. Most people won’t see it coming due to how subtle you can be about it, but it doesn’t take long before the person feels completely worthless and inadequate, and that is easily a reason to be wary of being too close to you. TC mark