/Video: Interview with Co-founder Chris Aimone and EVP of Sales Jackie Cooper

Video: Interview with Co-founder Chris Aimone and EVP of Sales Jackie Cooper

June 15, 2018

Over the past week, we were lucky enough to be invited to host the Mindfulness Room at the 2018 Salesforce Connections conference in Chicago.

During the conference Muse co-founder Chris Aimone and Jackie Cooper, our EVP of sales & marketing sat down with the Salesforce Live team to discuss how Muse came to life, how we’ve seen it help change lives, and where we’re going.

In our calm, dark oasis we had a steady stream of mindful conference goers, many of which were in need of help starting their personal mindfulness practice. We ran 6 stations of Muse demos as well as our visual Nanoleaf Campfire experience which connects users to a stunning panel of glowing panels that change colour and brightness depending on their mental state.

muse meditation app

muse meditation app


Thank you to everyone who came by and spent time meditating with us!

Interested in experiencing Muse first hand? You can follow our events list HERE to see if we’ll be running demos in an area near you, or you always have the option to purchase one for yourself:

Muse Makes Meditation Easy. 

Welcome to Muse: your personal meditation assistant. Muse is the first tool that gives you accurate, real-time neurofeedback on what’s happening in your brain while you meditate.

Stop guessing if you’re doing it right — start tracking your progress and reaching your goals.